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Neil Gaiman. Biograrhy, bibliography, read
By Daniel Stornello III
- So, you did not read Neil Gaiman? – she asked me and sat on a bed.
- Well, roughly speaking, I didn’t, - I answered and tried to draw her to myself.
- I have nothing to talk about with you, in that case, - she crawled out from a blanket, got dressed and went out.
And I stayed alone. It was so frustrating, that I opened my laptop and pasted in G**le this:
Neil Gaiman. Biograrhy, bibliography, reed
As it turned out, Gaiman is not only a writer, but he is also a scriptwriter. He wrote a some books (21, if I’m right), a few less scripts (10) and a couple of comic books (25). So, who is he?
He was born in good-old Britain in 1960, in Portsmouth. His dad was a business man, his mum was a pharmacist. So all this information you can find in any Wikipedia, that’s why let’s look on his activity.
Neil was well-mannered, but rather strange boy, until he grew up and refused from higher education, for writing. In 1985, in magazine with merry photos, was printed his first article, and it was start of Neil’s career. He was noticed. In May of 1985, was released his first story in Imagine journal. And in next year mr Gaiman decided to have deal with comic. He studies subject books and take Master Class from Alan Moor (an author  of “V for Vendetta”, “Watchmen” and“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, for a second). In 1986 Neil Gaiman become an author of 2000AD #488 (the mother land of Judge Dredd, for a second).
And then it started… Work on DC with Batman, on Image with Spown… And than was something, what made him an icon of mass culture, an idol of comic community, magnificent novel in pictures (I can’t call it “comic”) “Sandman”, about Morpheus, the master of dreams, the story, which started in 1996, contained 75 issues, 2 pictured stories and one special. Nowadays all this releases combined in 10 books, republished more than one thousand million times and got a deserved place among the masterpieces of comic building.
But it was not enough for Neil! He wrote a novel “Good Omens” with Terry Pratchett (a creator of parody fantasy series “Discworld”, for a second). The same time Neil is working on a “Nowhere” series script, which collected in front of TV a half of UK. Was it enough for Neil? No, it was not!
Discontented with screening, mr Gaiman wrote a book “Nowhere”, where story looks more solid, more adult, more collected, more exciting. And book blow up top sails. This book a magnificent example of Neil’s creation: Gothic horror fairy-tail for adult. Still this style make Gaiman Gaiman (what make him close to Tim Burton, for a second).
In 3 years was released another (my favorite) story Stardust. It was not in editors taste, but was beloved by audience.
In 1992 Gaiman moved to USA, and writing a novel about same, as he, gods-emigrants “American Gods” (which, will be screened as a series HBOnetwork, for a second).
A few years later was released comic book MARVEL 1602, created a new line in MARVEL  multiverse.
Neil Gaiman wrote two scripts for Doctor Who (which started in 1963, for a second), created “Coraline”, based on his story, wrote “The Graveyard Book”, based on “The Jungle Book” and dubbed himself in the episode #492 “The Simpsones” (season 23, for a second).
Not bad, for a person, who said in above-mentioned episode, that he even can’t read.
Neil Gaiman is a one-man band. He writes scripts, books, comics, stories and research works like “Don't Panic: The Official Hitch-Hiker's Guide To TheGalaxy Companion” (based on trilogy in 6 volumes by Douglas Adams, for a second).
Anyway, next time, when that girl asked me again about Neil Gaiman, I was ready. And I have everything turned. For a second.
Published in Big Name Fan Weekly #26 16.10.2013
Translated in English by Daniel Stornello III 09.12.2013


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